Andrew Lorenzi

Fleeting: A Minicomic

I’m sorry for how long this is.  Almost four years ago, when I was 20 years old, I had a very indulgent Summer.  I quit my awful job at a movie theater, and devoted the remaining months of Summer break to bike riding, drinking, and documenting my experiences in a minicomic. 

It’s embarrassing to read a lot of this now, but there are some things I’m surprised by (it’s been years since I’ve seen most of these).  I made a small batch of the minicomic, sold them to some kind souls, and unfortunately never printed or assembled any more.  I’ve felt guilty about never delivering to all of the people who asked for a copy, so I hope—if any of these people are still reading years later—that posting the entire comic will serve as an apology of sorts.  The first tiny comic is a little bookmark I made for each copy, giving context to the entire thing.  The final image is sort of the cliffs note version of everything, which I don’t remember ever posting.

Again, a lot of this is embarrassing, but I hope you enjoy it.  It’s weird to see how cocky I was, my drawn self 130 lbs heavier, and how hardy I partied.  If anyone actually wants one, I suspect I have a box of halfmade ones… somewhere…

  1. neopifex said: Coincidentally, I found my copy of this just last weekend while going through some unorganized comics. I read it again and was glad I bought it. Do you ever think about making more comic prints or books to sell?
  2. laurasleepy said: I want one! so good. Also, can’t wait for more Learning to Lose. <3
  3. yasminliang said: Still have my copy of this and the postcard that came with it!
  4. mareodomo said: These were sweet.
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