Andrew Lorenzi

December Diary 1

Dang, I finally have to replace some of these markers that I bought five years ago.

College Boy Wonder

I’ve resisted drawing the Boy Wonder again for years, for fear of going back to the well, but Fall always makes me nostalgic.  I’ve been thinking about my college days (get ‘em, Donks), and ol’ Robin felt like a good avatar for 19 year old me.

On being sick

Still trying to draw comics on a regular schedule… getting there!

inflationary asked: hey! I miss your comics. make any lately?

Hello!  I’ve been spending a lot of time marathon training, and almost none at my drawing board.  However, I started drawing again after I read your message, and I will try to get back onto a weekly schedule.  Thanks for reading :)

Embroidery Comics 2

This was still practice for another embroidered comic I had planned.  But boy, this stuff is time-consuming, so I think I need to take a pen and ink break.  I also want to do embroidery portraits some day!  Again, click it for details.

Embroidery Comics

My girlfriend taught me to embroider, and I LOVE it.  This is practice for something much more ambitious!  (Click it for better quality).

Fleeting: A Minicomic

I’m sorry for how long this is.  Almost four years ago, when I was 20 years old, I had a very indulgent Summer.  I quit my awful job at a movie theater, and devoted the remaining months of Summer break to bike riding, drinking, and documenting my experiences in a minicomic. 

It’s embarrassing to read a lot of this now, but there are some things I’m surprised by (it’s been years since I’ve seen most of these).  I made a small batch of the minicomic, sold them to some kind souls, and unfortunately never printed or assembled any more.  I’ve felt guilty about never delivering to all of the people who asked for a copy, so I hope—if any of these people are still reading years later—that posting the entire comic will serve as an apology of sorts.  The first tiny comic is a little bookmark I made for each copy, giving context to the entire thing.  The final image is sort of the cliffs note version of everything, which I don’t remember ever posting.

Again, a lot of this is embarrassing, but I hope you enjoy it.  It’s weird to see how cocky I was, my drawn self 130 lbs heavier, and how hardy I partied.  If anyone actually wants one, I suspect I have a box of halfmade ones… somewhere…


I’m sorry that this is taking so long.  It’s been a difficult one to write, but I’m still going.  Hopefully the next installment will be up soon!


I’ve tried to start this comic many times before.  I’ve had enough trouble getting my mind around losing 125 lbs over the last couple years that sorting it out in a comic was impossible.  This is just the first part, so please bear with me as I do this one page at a time.

Return to the Pokémon League

I tried drawing my comic about losing 125 lbs, but failed.  Then I tried drawing some regular diary comics, but failed again.  So, I started playing Pokémon White, and drew this.

Meet Ellenore Eclipse

I will still draw diary comics sometimes; for now, I’m happy just to do some kind of little comic every day.  This is a comic I’ve had in my mind for a long time, and I hope the homage is obvious (especially the title card).  I hope to make more comics about Ellenore Eclipse!

Sixty Four

Goldeneye, Shadows of the Empire, Mario 64, & Ocarina, respectively.